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Present Condition of Textile Engineers in Bangladesh

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From the very beginning of introduction, I would like to explain the gossip arise in our family, in our society, as well as in our country about the views of Textile Engineers from different angle. A straight forward answer to those who carries these types of thoughts that, a Textile Engineer is totally free from the attachment of workers in the view of work capabilities. They only do the crucial deeds which can’t be done without them.

A garment is fruitless without these Engineers. Let us discuss about the influence of these neglected personalities (strangers’ opinion) throughout the world. Suppose Bangladesh is known to Asia continent due to the extraordinary performance of BD cricket team. But there are lot of countries where cricket is totally an unknown sport event. But is there any country where people remain nude or don’t use apparels? If so then it’s not the present era rather we have to move back to primitive age. We are creating a brand “MADE IN BANGLADESH” throughout the world. It became possible due to the heartiest effort of these Textile Engineers.

One month ago, a survey reported regarding the top professions in BD where Textile personalities secured the 2nd position. If you see the life style of an Textile engineer then you will become jealous and point to be noted that it is the only halal source of income for being a millionaire. It makes us proud when we are living in abroad and moved for shopping then in the tag we notice that it contains BD tag. Peoples will laugh. Peoples fond of criticize of others. And surely you will become a victim of criticism. ohhhh…..you are studying in Textile Engineering!

Leave that. You have much time to prove yourself. Just one thing you need to prove that, you have a place. And you conquered that place by your adroitness. A garment’s prosperity totally depends on the fruitful efforts of the Engineers. The owner of the garments don’t know the ins and outs of it without holding the position “OWNER”. World is looking for adroit Textile Engineers for conquering this sector as people must wear apparels till doomsday. So we are those luckiest persons whose are most wanted in this sector. In the European countries a Textile Engineer is highly treated. Do you know why? They are trying to become the core center of this sector and we are the neurons of this fraternity. It’s our duty to expose ourselves. It’s time to prove ourselves once again like we proved in the liberation war that, we are self-dependent country.

We the Textile Engineers are the asset of our nation. We are not exporting manpower throughout the world rather we are exporting excellent works that is only happening due to our adroit Textile Engineers. Thanks to all.

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