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Definitions of wet processing sequences

Short definiton of the wet processing steps

  • Stitching: To produce a continuous strand of fabric by joining the grey fabrics so it gets easier to do the wet processing.
  • Sewing: This a process of joining different parts of fabric by needle and sewing threads.
  • Brushing: Before singeing brushing is done on the fabric to remove protruding fibres, dirt, dust etc.
  • Singeing: singeing is a process of burning the floating fibres on the fabric surface, thus the surface becomes smooth.
  • Desizing: Desizing is the step to remove the size materials from the fabric. This improves the absorbency of the fabric.


  • Scouring: In this process, the fabric is treated with alkali (NaOH, Na2CO3, etc.) to remove fats, wax and oils so that the absorbency increases.
  • Bleaching: Bleaching is a process of removing the natural color of fibre to make the white and lustrous.
  • Washing: To remove the excess chemical substances the fabric is washed.
  • Drying: To dry the fabric in certain temperature.
  • Mercerizing: The fabric is treated with 20-22% NaOH for 2-3 minutes at room temperature. During mercerization yarn becomes swollen which makes the fibre cylindrical in cross-section. So, which gives a smooth reflection of light and makes the surface more lustrous.
  • Dyeing: Dyeing is a process of applying color on the textiles materials by setting chromophore and auxochrome groups in its chemical structure.
  • Fixing: In this step, the dyestuffs are fixed into the textile materials.
  • After Treatment:
  • Finishing: As per customer requirements the textile materials are further processed to maintain a certain quality.
  • Inspection: The final product is inspected to find any faults and if none found they are compared with the requirements by the buyers. The material goes through several testing and measuring.
  • Packing: Finally, the output is packed using polyethylene bags.
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