Textile Testing

Types of Textile Testing Methods

What is Textile Testing?

Textile testing refers to various examinations of properties of textile substances or materials ie. raw materials, yarn, fabric or garments. By testing various properties of materials, we can assess the quality and eliminate any faults of the final product. Certain parameters are to be met to make the products acceptable to its customers. If a product fails to meet the previously set parameters, the buyer may not accept the product. For the sake of quality, textile testing is a must in the garments business. Any kind of faults can be identified through highly intensive testing processes.

Types of Textile Testing Methods

Testing plays an important role during the shipment of textile products. There are separate types of testing that can be done on different stages of textile products.

  1. Raw Materials Testing
  2. Yarn Testing
  3. Fabric Testing
  4. Garment Testing

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Raw Material Tests

  1. Fibre Length
  2. Fibre Diameter
  3. Fibre Fineness
  4. Maturity
  5. Moisture Content
  6. Moisture Regain
  7. Strength
  8. Elongation
  9. Trash
  10. Neps

Yarn Tests

  1. Yarn Count
  2. Yarn Evenness
  3. Yarn twist
  4. Hairiness
  5. Appearance
  6. Strength
  7. Elasticity


Fabric Tests

  1. Dimensional Stability
  2. Composition Test
  3. Fabric Weight
  4. Air Permeability
  5. Color Fastness
  6. Thermal Conductivity
  7. Moisture Test
  8. Free Formaldehyde
  9. Pthalates
  10. Abrasion
  11. Shrinkage
  12. Bursting Strength
  13. Pilling
  14. Rubbing
  15. Fastness to light

Garment Tests

  1. Fastness to wash
  2. Dimensional Stability
  3. Tear Strength
  4. Seam Slippage
  5. Seam Strength
  6. Zipper Test
  7. Button Pull Strength
  8. Attachment Strength
  9. Flex Resistance
  10. pH Test
  11. Moisture Test
  12. Carcinogenic Dyestuff Test
  13. Saliva Test
  14. Print Durability

Testing of raw materials, yarn, fabric or garments relies on the asking of buyers. Different buyers may require different types of tests. They also set the acceptable range that has to be ensured.

There is a handful number of testing laboratories available in this region. You can find the names of textile testing laboratories in the below link

>>> List of Textile Testing Labs & Certification Centres in Bangladesh

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