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What is Bale Management?

Bale management is a process of selection of bale of definite properties to maintain
homogeneous day to day mixing quality.

Objectives of Bale Management:

A) To get uniform yarn quality
B) To minimize shade variation of the finished fabric
C) To reduce or control fabric ‘bare’

Procedures of Bale Management:

1) Fiber lot no. Cot CIS
2) Total bale: 83bales
3) Sample collection: 83 samples (maximum 100g each sample)
4) HVI testing: Given below the HVI test report: given below—
5) The category defines: define Micronaire value and color grade as category.
6) Discard the lower mic. And color grade bales.
7) Daily requirement: 83 bales
8) Layout of bale mixing
9) Delete the consumed bale from the current bale.

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