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Universities for higher education in Textile and related discipline

In the UK

The UK is preferred for many students for higher education in Textile because of its rich history, quality education, and short program (3 yrs undergraduate, 1 yr MS and 3 yr Ph.D.) and due to requirements of IELTS only compared to TOEFL and GRE in the US. Usual IELTS requirement is 6.5+, depending on the university. Bangladeshi student generally prefers first four universities in the list. Funding will be difficult unless you are very talented with research value or under government scholarship.
The University of Manchester (One of the best universities for textile technology with a rich history)
*University of Leeds (Very good university)
*University of Bolton (Set up a modern textile lab)
*Heriot-watts university (Earlier it was one of the best university for textile)
*Manchester Metropolitan University (MA in Textiles)
*London Metropolitan University (MA in Textile Design)
*Royal College of Art (MA/MPhil/Ph.D. in Textile)
*University college Falmouth (MA in Textile Design)
*University of Huddersfield (MA in Textile)
*De Montfort University (MPhil/Ph.D. in Textile Engineering and Materials)

Europe, other than UK

In Europe, Germany and Sweden is preferred as there is no requirement of tuition fee. In Germany , it is usually 2 yr MS course, required German language proficiency and it is possible to get fund through or through university funding. There are many other universities in different countries with textile and fashion degree which may not include here.
*Dresden University, Germany
Very good university for textile engineering and clothing management. Many Bangladeshi students prefer this university as their destination.
*Niederrhein University, Germany
One of the few universities in western Germany which offers textile courses . Few advantages are that courses are in English, very little tuition fee per semester and recently they signed an agreement with NITRAD.
*Boras University, Sweden
Courses are in English and there is a possibility that from next year they are going to charge tuition fee. Master course is 1yrs and requirement of IELTS is 5.5+
*University of Copenhagen, Denmark
*Politecnico di Torino, Italy
Mainly masters in textile engineering also there is an opportunity of higher studies in material engineering.
*ENSAIT Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles, France
MS in Technical textiles (Chemistry or Mechanics) and Supply Chain Management/Info Design. Require elementary French
*Universidade Do Minho, Portugal
Textile chemistry, textile technology, apparel technology, and textile management, and design. In Portuguese.

In Australia

IELTS is mandatory, 7+, or English courses that can be done under the university. Funding can be possible through university, but no other scholarship is provided in the textile area. Australia is renowned for wool and its processing and most the leading country for research on wool.
*Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
*Leading university for design, merchandising, textile technology course
*University of New South Wales
Ph.D. in Textile Technology
*Curtin University of Technology
Master of Design
*Deakin university
MS and Ph.D. in fibers and textiles.

In the US

In US TOEFL and GRE is a must for MS and Ph.D.: the requirement varies from university to university. The higher degree in textile here comes under many umbrellas from material science to fiber to consumer studies, supply chain, industrial engineering etc. NCSU offers full range of courses from traditional textile technology to today’s textile management.
*North Carolina State University (NCSU)
*All types of courses from technology to management. Ranked top for textile in the US
Georgia Institute of Technology
Polymer, Textile and Fiber Engineering
*Cornell University
MS/Ph.D. in apparel design, IVY league university
*Philadelphia University
M.S. in Textile Design, MS/Ph.D. in Textile Engineering and science
*Iowa State University
MSc/Ph.D. in Textile and Clothing
*University Of Massachusetts Dartmouth
MSc in Textile Chemistry
*University of Missouri
MS/ PhD in Textile and Apparel Management
*University of Rhode Island

MS in Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design
*Ball State University
MS in apparel design/fashion merchandising
*University of Kansas
M.F.A. in Textile Design
*Kansas State University
MSc in apparel and Textile
*Western Michigan University
MA in Family & Consumer Sciences – Textile & Apparel Studies
*Washington State University
MA in Design: Textile/Merchandising
*University of Nebraska- Lincoln
MA Textile – Apparel Option II
*Kent State University
Master of Fine Arts in Textile Arts

In Asia, other than Bangladesh

In Asia (other than Bangladesh), many universities of India offers a textile degree, however, IIT, Delhi is best among them. There are many other universities in Turkey, Srilanka, Egypt, Korea, Czechoslovakia who offer textile degree courses, however, the author cannot comment on their quality and it may happen it has to be earned in their own language. Japan also sees lots of polymer science/ material science students from Bangladesh for Masters and Ph.D., and their information will be informed later.
*Indian Institute of Technolgy, Delhi
MS and Ph.D. in Textile Technology
*HK Polytechnique university
MA in Fashion and Textile Design/ Fashion & Textile
*Donghua University, China
Leading University in Fashion, Textile and International Trade in China and there is a possibility of getting funds.
*Zhongyuan University of Technology, China

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