How to turn your time into money

We often go through a frustrating situation about money and we always tend to generate more money

We often go through a frustrating situation about money and we always tend to generate more money. So here are some tips I have gathered around from different sites and books about earning more money.

1. Get educated

It means to keep learning new things or skills or any tool. If something interests you, read a book about it, take any online course or watch loads of videos on that specific topic on YouTube and read blogs. No matter what you’re doing, there’s some way you can learn more and improve yourself.

2. More income streams

Always be on the lookout for ways to have money rolling into your pocket from a lot of different places. Maybe you’ve got a rooftop then you can rear some pigeons as pigeons have high demand. Maybe you have some extra cash laying around with which you can buy a long-term treasury note from the post office that will keep issuing you a check every three months. Having more income streams merely means that losing one of them or even your main income source is less devastating in your life and it also means your overall income for now will go up.

3. Start a side business

How about investing at least part of that time into starting a side business instead of idling away your time at social media like Facebook or Instagram or having time at Netflix? Maybe you’re good with woodworking and can make deck furniture. Maybe you are good at writing, then you start writing blogs or reviews. There are lots of possibilities out there for starting a business that will supplement your current income.

4. Move towards your passions

Whenever the opportunity presents itself, gravitate towards the things that really excite you, that is the thing for you. For me, my passion is reading and sharing, so I’ve made an effort to gravitate towards it by providing tuitions and peer mentoring at different levels both in offline and online platforms in my spare time. For others, it could be anything – maybe it’s computer coding. Whatever really excites you and makes you want to do more, that’s what you need to move towards at all times.

5. Don’t burn bridges

We often make such mistakes mostly at our student lives. You never know when a relationship you’ve forged in your past might come in handy later on, even the ones you completely don’t expect. Thus, even if you feel wronged in a situation or even if you just feel an urge to spread negative gossip – resist it. As you get older, you’ll find yourself time and time again bumping into people that you forged relationships with earlier on – if you burned those bridges, you’ll find that eventually you’ll have burnt that very bridge that you need to cross to get ahead. Never spread a negative word about anyone, because it never helps.

6. Keep in touch

This is the most important one. When you do build a bridge with someone, don’t let it get old and worn out – spend the time to keep in touch with that person. Shoot them a message at social media platforms, an email or a phone call or message every once in a while just to see what they’re up to. When it’s clear they need help and you can easily provide it, always provide it.

So I would like to humbly urge you all to maintain these simple 6 codes and I am sure you will be generating more money.

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