What Life Means

There lots of specialists who have given a bunch of definitions about life, pointing through mass explanation. But from my sagaciousness I would like to share my thoughts and ideas about life. Let’s start from a common example.

Suppose you are in a great traffic jammed road, sitting in driving seat and it’s your own vehicle. As usual we live in the country not for evergreen country consisting of six seasons rather we are also familiar for our overpopulation where traffic jam has brotherhood with it. Let you starts from the north side of Dhaka city that is Uttara and your destination is in the south side, let it be Gulistan.

By assuming this destination your first word will be its impossible though the road is not long distanced. So what create that thoughts in your mind??? Obviously that is the traffic jam. As I told earlier that it is your own vehicle, is it possible to move out by letting that in that situation?? Nope…. Its not…you remain there with much patience hoping that the jam will end soon. Life is like that. In every moment you will face lots of obstacles. You need to be patience and keep going.

In the example I provided you 2 hours to reach there but in reality it will never happen. Like this in your life, you will never gain anything at your expected time but sooner or later you will get that precious thing you were expecting. Give it time. If you give up hope by facing problems then you are none but a loser. There were lot of people who made this mistake and history didn’t note them. That type of people are noted in history who struggled in their life and completed their journey with fruitful experience. If you leave your place in midway then someone will be replaced because no place remain empty for someone and those people are more successful who can create a place vacant and fit himself to acclimate with it. In order to reach in pinnacle you have to struggle till your last breath and say “yes I can do that”. You may say who am I to say lot of knowledgeable words?

I am not a successful personality and not a celebrity too. Why should you listen me? You may listen by assuming that your brother will never be wrong. I will finish my boring writing with some words that was given by a great personality and the name is not in my head now matter how you adept on it….if you are unable to do so then keep walking..if it is not possible so then start crawling…..

hope you got what I am trying to say…

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