Tobacco Farmers of Bandarban on the cultivation of cotton

The economic development of Bangladesh depends a lot on the cotton industry. But unfortunately, Bangladesh can not single-handedly produce the amount of cotton it requires to gain International profit. So in a crisis like this, Bandarban appeared as a ray of hope. 

Bandarban is mostly famous for its tobacco cultivation so as the farmers. But the matter of hope is, recently, a bunch of farmers expressed their desire to cultivate cotton. Experts said this will be beneficial in the long run.

Sources confirmed that farmers from Chimbuk, Balaghata Jaymohon Para, Lemujhiri will be cultivating cotton on their land. 

Authority plans to produce 2150 tonnes of cotton in the financial year of 2020-21. This will be challenging, no doubt.

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Farmers of Bandarban mainly cultivate two types of cotton; hill cotton and plain cotton. Both are useful. Another matter of pride is, Bangladesh will not have to seek aid from foreign countries anymore when it comes to cotton production. Now that farmers from different sectors started cultivating cotton coming out of their comfort zone, Bangladesh can make any goal come true.

Cotton cultivation has also made the farmers of the hill areas independent. It needs no telling that, along with tobacco, cotton cultivation will be a good source of income for many poor farmers. Moreover, farmers of Bandarban deserve appreciation for their courage to come out of their comfort zone and aiding the country with their hard work.

The Financial Express

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