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Yarn Dyeing Process Flowchart

Yarn Dyeing Process

  Process Temperature Time
  Soft Winding: Yarn is transferred to perforated Plastic or Spring Bobbins from paper cone packages.
  Then packages are weighed as per the capacity of yarn dyeing carriers.
  Packages are loaded onto carrier.
  Carrier is then loaded inside yarn dyeing vessel with the help of crane.
Pre-Treatment Main vessel is filled with water of room temperature and run for 10 minutes
Demineralization 50°C 20 min
Bleaching & Scouring: H2O2 (Universal Bleaching Agent) and other chemicals are added in the bath. Optimum pH 10-11 100°C 45 min
Cooled to 60°C
Peroxide Killer: To deactivate the bleaching agent. 80°C 20 min
Neutralization: Hot Wash with Acid 50°C 20 min
Salt (Glauber Salt) & Dyeing Chemicals are added into the vessel. 60°C 20 min
Dyeing Check pH
Color Dosing 60°C 20 min
Run Time 10 min
Color Migration 80°C 20 min
Cooling to 60C
Level Checked
Soda Dosing 50°C 30 min
Dyeing Run 60°C 50-60 min
Dyeing Sample is taken, if sample shade matches with required shade, after treatment process can be done. If not, dyes addition is given to match the shade.
Rinsed with normal water
After Treatment Neutralization 50°C 20 min
Soaping: Needs to be done 1-3 times depending on the amount of dyes used. 80°-90°C 20 min
Rinse with cold water
Wash Sample is checked
Treatment with Fixing chemicals (If needed) 50°C 20 min
Softener 60°C 20 min
  Hydro Extraction 6 min
  Drying with RF Dryer / Steam Dryer: To remove excess water.
  Yarn Conditioning 24 hours
  Hard Winding


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