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Different Types of Labels Used in Garments

Label is an essential part of a garment. A label shows different important informations and instructions about the garment. It is a must to attach different labels on garments especially those that are made to export to other countries. Many data are printed or embroidered on a piece of label. Data like garment size, composition, Brand name, country of origin, trademark, etc are mentioned on the label.

There are 2 types of garments labels. Those are –

  • Main Label
  • Sub Label

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Main Label:

The main label defines the brand itself. This type of label contains the name or logo of the brand. This label has a great influence on customers as most of us find the brand of our choice.

Main Label

Sub Label:

Sub Label can be divided into the following types of labels:

1. Care Label

This label has great importance to customers as this label shows how the piece of garments should care. This label indicates the proper way of care for the garment so that it does not get damaged easily. A set of icons shows the care directions such as what should be the temperature while washing or ironing. Does the fabric need hand wash only? Will chlorine bleach affect the durability of the fabric? how it should be cleaned and many more instructions. This label isn’t easily detachable, remains a useful period of time with the garment.

Care Label

2. Size Label

Size labels define the size of a garment. Different sizes like S, M, L, XL, XXL are mentioned on the label.

Size Labels

3. Compose Label

Composition Label

This Kind of label indicates the composition of the fabric. This means what kind of fabric is used or the composition of yarn that has been used to make the garment such as Cotton 60% Polyester 40% or Cotton 80% Spandex 20%.

4. Flag Label

A flag label is a very small kind of label that is attached to the side seam of a garment. This shows the brand name or logo of the product.

Flag Label

5. Special Label

Some special specification of a garment is attached to the fabric to attract more customers. Such as 100% Cotton 100% leather etc.

Special Label

6. Price Label

The price of a garment is printed on the Price label. Sometimes brands mention some additional pieces of information on the price label.

Price Label

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