APR will be producing top-notch viscose fiber with the collaboration of APRIL Group

Asia Pacific Rayon (APR), a leading fiber company from Indonesia, is on the way to becoming the first-ever company producing viscose fiber to meet the current market demand of the textile industry throughout the world. APR is to raise its production to 600,000 tonnes of viscose fiber. A challenging goal, indeed, but not an impossible one! Especially, if you have an Ally association like “APRIL Group”!

This extensive goal could have been hard to locate if the sister association named “APRIL Group’, was not to assist them! ‘APRIL Group’ will be benefiting them with its top-notch AE pulp rayon grade capacity. APRIL Group will also be assisting them by providing 300,000 tonnes of viscose fiber samples! A perfect instance of an ally organization, indeed!

Source: Asia Pacific Rayon

APRIL Group also has an objective to accomplish, which is, “APRIL 2030 commitment and targets”. On the other hand, APR is to finalize half of its commitment to manufacturing viscose fiber within the first half of 2021. If both of the organization works together, the world will come across something tremendous as well as the commitment will also be achieved.

The program has been designed by keeping 3 key features in mind.

  • Improvement of the chemical healing procedure: The leftovers of the chemicals utilized in the project should not be left to be wasted or polluting the environment. APR will make sure that every effective chemical product is being properly executed and exiled after utilization.
  • Installation of the slush pulp technology: Since slush pulp is a relatively new concept, the implementation might be challenging. However, APR will be making sure that the execution goes hassle-free.
  • Reduction of excessive energy: APR will make sure that no demolition of electrical energy will occur during the execution of the project. 

Clothes made of Viscose Fiber Rayon

Source: Asia Pacific Rayon

According to Sachin Malik, APR’s sales head, being a new entrant in the viscose market, they will try to balance between the pricing, public demand, and the standard of the marketing. As APR has already expanded their market in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Turkey and received a promising response, they are hoping to extend it even more. They expect to receive a decent response as they are committed to making quality products at an economical price range.

The wood pumps will be provided with PEFC™, which is an internationally recognized certification for wood and wooden products. PEFC™ will make sure that the wood pulps are from reliable sources. APR will maintain the PEFC™ certification process with its every production. 

Whenever any new organization attempts to bring a new method to the textile industry, the world has discerned accomplishment as well as a downfall. But APR has vowed to stick around its commitment with fellow organization APRIL Group. As APRIL Group also endeavors to bring out the best and thus maintain their policy of ” APRIL 2030″, we can hope to come across something remarkable. Let us hope that, APR will be able to propagate top-notch viscose fiber with the collaboration of APRIL Group, and viscose fiber will strengthen the public demand as well as add a different dimension to the textile industry.

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