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How Singeing Process is done?

Definition, Objectives of Singeing, Types (Plate, Gas, Roller Singeing Machine)


Singeing process refers to burning-off the projecting fibres or loose fibres that are not firmly bound to the fabric surface.

Objectives of Singeing:

  • This is done in order to remove the projecting/protruding fibres coming out from the fabric/yarn structure.
  • To obtain a clean a smooth surface.
  • To increase the lustre of the fabric.
  • Fabrics that go through the process allow printing highly complex designs on them.
  • To prepare fabric for further proceedings.

Types of Singeing Machines:

  1. Plate Singeing Machine
  2. Gas Singeing Machine
  3. Roller Singeing Machine

About the Machines:

Plate Singeing Machine:

  • Here, one side of the fabrics is burnt at a time.
  • The fabric passes over one or two heated copper plates.
  • The plates are heated with a suitable concentration of gas and air.
  • The fabric goes through such a passage that one or both sides are singed."Line

Roller Singeing Machine:

  • The fabric passes through the contact with a roller which may be made with copper or cast iron.
  • The rotary cylinder is internally heater revolves at a slower rate.
  • The direction or the cylinder is opposite to the direction of the fabric.
  • Mostly used for Velvets.
  • Both sides of the fabric can be singed.


Gas Singeing Machine:

  • The most common type of Singeing Machine.
  • Fabrics are burnt on both sides by using 2 burners both side.
  • fabrics go though guide rollers into the gas burner.
  • protruding fibres are burnt through the process.
  • The temperature inside the burner is roughly 1300C.
  • Both sides are brushed after burning.
  • Fabric is then immersed into the water or desizing tank.

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